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Finding Dreams

 FD Book Café, stands for Finding Dreams,

is founded by a group of young professionals.

We want to build a comfortable environment for book lovers to make friends,

share stories and enjoy healthy delicious food.

While starting a business is not as simple as we thought. There are sayings that the first three years are crucial to a new business, many small businesses failed in their first three-year. We knew there would be challenges and we thought we are mentally prepared, but what we didn't expect is to start this game at Grandmaster Level. 

We opened this little Café right before pandemic. We have been through all kind of difficulties that we may or may not imagine. Gratefully, thanks to all those who supported us, not only we survived, but also we are better than ever. 

Our Café is a real story where we start our business from zero to hero. We hope our story can affect more dream-chasers to join us, becoming an entrepreneur, fearless and with accompany. 

Small as our Café, we are multiple entrepreneurs working hard to make their dreams come true. Some of they may just get started, some of them have opened their own business shops already. No matter how, Finding Dreams Café is where it all started!

If you have a dream, if you have something to achieve, if you want to start your own business but don't want be alone. Come and Join Us! 

This is a start, where, DREAMs COME TRUE.

Our Dream-Chasers
See Who they are and What they do


Asian American Women Entrepreneurs Association

is committed to

  • making it easier for Asian women to start their own businesses;

  • listening to the demands and voices of Asian women entrepreneurs,

  • providing emotional support, business consulting, training and guidance,

  • helping them to expand their horizons and raise their awareness, and accompanying them to start their own businesses with low risk.


The FroYo Shop

The new look of Frozen Yogurt, in a cute bite.

Made with REAL fruit, milk and Greek yogurt.

This is one of the most popular items in all Kentland events: Trick o Treat, Oktoberfest and much more.

More than 15 flavors available now.

Catering Available.


If Moms are entrepreneurs, then the kids are likely to inherited entrepreneurship as well.


From Lemonade Station to Crochet Station, 

From real world practice to team meetings.

The kids learned:

  • How to communicate with others;

  • How to show empathy and care for others;

  • Goal Setting

  • Problem Solving

  • How to make responsive decisions

(X) No, we may not be the most professional ones to teach entrepreneur classes.

(✓) Yes, we can build a good environment for child leadership. 

(X) No, we don't have regular scheduled activities yet.

(✓) Yes, you are more than welcome to contact us if you have something good to contribute to this club. Anything!


Big Wonton

The Best Dim Sum in Town!

Gourmet Asian Meals.

Frozen to Go,

Ready in Minutes!

Started at Farmer's Market, 

Now they have their own shop in 

Lake Anne, Reston, VA

If you live in VA, go there for the Dim Sum.

(Dim Sum also available in the Café)

Kids Entrepreneur Club

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