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Customer Reward Program

We always appreciate you come and support our Book Cafe.

We currently have promotion as below:

1. Sign up bonus: Subscribe with our newsletters from website by entering your email, you will get 10% off your next visit. (show email to your server)

2. $10 OFF $100: Spend $100, accumulated, you will get $10 off coupon to be applied to your next visit. (Enter your phone number at check out)

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FD Book Cafe doesn't provide regular delivery service. For food and beverage order, please go to Uber Eat / Grubhub and search for FD Book Cafe. The special order is limited to Frozen Food and Snacks.

本书店不提供即时外送,如果是正常点餐需要立刻配送的,请至Uber Eat、Grubhub或者Doordash点餐。 此菜单皆为冷冻食品,目前仅支持到店自取。如需配送,请微信联系:xinlu529 【订餐流程】 1. 网站上完成下单并支付。 2. 选择到店自取时间: 1)周三11点-6点,周四到周日9点-6点。如有特殊取货时间,请联系客服。 2)一般订货后,最早的提货时间是次日。订单装配好后,会短信

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