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MUST READ for Special Orders

FD Book Cafe doesn't provide regular delivery service. For food and beverage order, please go to Uber Eat / Grubhub and search for FD Book Cafe.

The special order is limited to Frozen Food and Snacks. Frozen Food need to be fully cooked before serving.

【Order Process】

1. Place your order before Monday midnight and make payment. We will collect order and pack your food on Tuesday. Contactless door to door delivery will be made by Wednesday and Thursday, depending on the shipping address. If you choose to pick up in store, the pick up time is Saturday and Sunday, from 9-6.

2. Make sure you have your shipping address and cell phone number correct. If delivery failure occurs due to wrong information, additional delivery charge will apply.

Our delivery guy will send you a message or call you once he arrives and places your food at your door. Please properly pick up your items and store it in time. Please note, some items may requires frozen storage.

3. Delivery charge is $10. If orders more than $200, the delivery charge will be waived.

4. We now deliver to Rockville, Potomac, Gaithersburg, Germantown and Clarksburg only. If you live in other cities, (radius is 30 miles from our cafe), the minimum order is $200, plus 15% delivery charge.


Same address orders $500, you will get a $30 gift card, to be used in next order.

Gift cards are electronic gift cards, they will be sent to your email address.

* Some inconvenience, we cannot use our store gift card online, so if you are using gift card to make a payment, please call 240-261-6505 or 443-310-4005 to place an order.

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