Donate Book for FOOD!

Share your books with the community in exchange for fresh served food or drink.

We now accept all kind of book donations. The only requirement we have is to attach a note that why you want to share this book with others, or how did the book inspired you, or what is your favourite quote from this book, things like that.

We will give store credits to be used according to the book value. For example, if the original price of the book is $30, we will give you $3 store credits to be used for food and drink purchase.

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MUST READ for Special Orders

FD Book Cafe doesn't provide regular delivery service. For food and beverage order, please go to Uber Eat / Grubhub and search for FD Book Cafe. The special order is limited to Frozen Food and Snacks.


本书店不提供即时外送,如果是正常点餐需要立刻配送的,请至Uber Eat或者Grubhub点餐。 特殊配送服务,仅限于冷冻食品和零食。目前每周一晚上截单,周三/周四完成送货上门,选择自取的话,请在周末来店自取。 【订餐流程】 1. 每周一晚上之前,在网站上完成下单并支付。周二书店完成订单统计和分装。周三/周四完成送货上门。未付款订单不予配送。即使选择了自取服务,也请先完成付款,周末来店自取。 2.

Customer Reward Program

We always appreciate you come and support our Book Cafe. We currently have promotion as below: 1. Sign up bonus: Subscribe with our newsletters from website by entering your email, you will get 10% of

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